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About Me

Name: Elay Smith about-elay-smith
Sexual Orienation  Tri
Bust: 32GG
Waist: 24" (60.96 cm)
Hips: 36" (91.44 cm)
Height: 5'6" (167.64 cm)
Weight: 120 pounds
Shoe Size: 7/7.5 (American)
Hair: Unknown, LOL
Eyes: Brown
Birthday: November 20, 1988  (27)
Birthplace: Savannah, GA
Current Location: Interwebs, USA

How I got started:


I have always had a strong sexual desire and am really outgoing. I lost my job due to the economy. A friend suggested I sell some of the naughty videos I made for ex boyfriends. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to satisfy my sexual needs while at the same time meeting and interacting with new people. I built my own site where I continue to sell my videos, custom videos, pictures and offer private cam shows.


Further my modeling career, be published in a magazine, finish my college degree and travel to as many places as I can.



Smart responsible, honest, intelligent, nice eyes and good teeth.

Turn Off's:

Arrogance, bad teeth, cheaters, disrespectful, rude and egotistical men.

TV Addictions:

OITNB, The Simpsons, NCIS  and pretty much anything on Discovery

Favorite Movies:

The Simpsons, Commando, Drop Zone, The Hangover...Just to name a few

Love of My Life:

My Baby Brownie! She is a 10 y/o chesapeake and the love of my life (=

My definition of Sexy:

A women who is comfortable in her own skin ...confident but not stuck up, friendly and outgoing.

Summer Passion:

I love spending time outdoors preferably at the beach. In the words of Zac Brown "toes in the water, ass in the sand..."

Favorite Position:

Cowgirl! I get to control how deep, how fast, and make my boobies bounce!

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are your breast?                       32GG
How many breast augmentations have you had? Two. September 2008, 480cc saline under the muscle. October 2009 750cc Silicone Gel under the muscle. Both surgeries were done by the same doctor and my incisions are underneath the breast.
What is your natural bust size? 34B

Have you ever done studio porn or signed with a company?

  I have never done what you classify "real porn" with producers, studios, nor have I ever signed with a major company. I like the personal touch I can add to the experience of amateur porn and the freedom to do what I want.
Do you meet fans? No, I do not meet fans. I enjoy my private life, and as much as I adore and love my fans I just don't care to mix business with pleasure. I enjoy getting online and being naughty, in person I am not as much fun.
Do you escort? No, I am not a prostitute. 
Do you still model professionally? Yes, I still love to model and work in front of the camera. I feel modeling helps me stay focused on my body which is very important to me. For rates to work with me feel free to contact me, you must provide previous work experiences and updated portfolio.
Favorite Food? Spaghetti and Mexican!
Favorite Color? changes with my mood